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This is around the corner from where I work at Warschauer Straße. There’s a whole line of ads on the theme at Alexanderplatz and I mean to photograph them each time I pass through on the S-Bahn, but I haven’t … Weiterlesen

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Berlin Story Bunker

Kershaw is quoted several times in the exhibit, but there is no engagement of Kershaw’s discussion of the Hitlerist/structuralist debate, and Hitler is everywhere given sole credit for decisions even when Kershaw has explicitly pointed out, with regards to the … Weiterlesen

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Austerity is a morality play pressed into the service of legitimizing cynical wealth transfers from the have-nots to the haves during times of crisis, in which debtors are sinners who must be made to pay for their misdeeds. Not satisfied … Weiterlesen

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Faced with a silly American seeking to make conversation on the basis of a Western Hemisphere commonality my second waitress this evening (the first departed for Feierabend) at a Mexican restaurant in Berlin says she speaks only a little Spanish. … Weiterlesen

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What’s to lose?

I have decided that this will be my motto for the coming decade.

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I read some of these things, and read them again, then again, and remind myself these people are adults who graduated from prestigious schools and receive millions of dollars a year.

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A tourist restaurant, somewhere in occupied Europe

These places are so interesting! The Altstadt areas of so many cities – Dresden, Prague, Budapest – seem nearly interchangeable. During the summer you hear English-speaking college students having „done“ one city comparing party characteristics while en route to the … Weiterlesen

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Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr

This woman lectures to 25 men and women of the Bundeswehr at a time. I thought she was fantastic. The previous group included a Belgian woman in her 50s or 60s who was quite upset with the docent’s not mentioning … Weiterlesen

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Erich Kästner Denkmal

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Spenerstraße 13

Gebürtshaus Herbert Wehner

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USAF airstrikes in Afghanistan under Trump

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